What awaits us in the new edition of Pokemon TCG: Scarlet & Violet?

The next generation of the TCG Core Set, Scarlet & Violet is set to release on March 31st, 2023 and will feature new Pokémon, new card designs, and much more! As already revealed in the latest Japanese sets, the new edition will reintroduce the EX mechanic! We are incredibly excited about the release and the beginning of a new era! Check out some of the epic stuff we can expect from the set below!

New Pokemon

As expected, many new Pokémon from the Paldea region will be making their debut in the Core Set! This set includes the popular starter Pokémon from Scarlet & Violet, as well as the popular Klawf and the new game mascots Koraidon and Miraidon!

Pokémon EX

Returning EX Pokemon will have powerful moves and abilities. Players get 2 winning cards instead of just 1 to compensate for their greater power! The set will contain 12 Double Rare Ex Pokémon, including two Tera EX Pokémon Arcanine and Gyaradosoma, as well as 12 Ultra Rare Pokémon!
<div><span>Pokémon EX </span></div> <div><span>Returning EX Pokemon will have powerful moves and abilities. Players get 2 winning cards instead of just 1 to compensate for their greater power! The set will contain 12 double rare ex Pokemon, including the two Tera EX Pokemon Arcanine and Gyaradosoma, as well as 12 ultra rare Pokemon!</span></div>
New card design
In addition to the new EX mechanics revealed during the 2022 World Championships, The Pokémon Company has announced several card design changes.
Silver card edges
For decades, Pokémon TCG cards in Europe had a yellow border to differentiate them from the Japanese equivalent much more quickly. With the release of Scarlet & Violet in March, the cards will have the same silver border that Japanese cards have had for years, which fans consider a better looking option.
Energy cards
Until now, basic energy cards have had nothing to visibly differentiate them from other special energy cards like Fusion Strike and Double Turbo energy. Now TPCi has added a subtype label to the top of the card and an energy symbol to the lower right corner of the card to help players quickly identify it in their hands.
Energy cards will now be labeled with a subtype and the amount of energy it provides.
Additionally, the expansion symbols they used on all cards will be replaced with expansion codes in the lower left of each card.
Instead of the logo in the lower right corner, cards will now be labeled by set.
This will make it easier for both players and collectors to identify which set the card comes from.
TOP cards of the Scarlet & Violet edition
Quite a few cards have been revealed in the Japanese game and of course we expect them to be included in the English language base set! These include some amazing full art cards that continue the tradition of epic art we've come to expect from the Sword & Shield era. Some of our favorite picks include Miraidon ex, Gardevoir ex, Nest Ball, Banette ex, Pachirisu, and Team Star Grunt!
Scarlet & Violet pre-orders are now available on our e-shop. So don't hesitate and take advantage of the chance to have this new edition in your hands among the first.
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