🚚 Transport Price

We place great emphasis on the goods being delivered to you as quickly and with the highest quality. The first aspect is in our hands, we try to influence the second as much as possible by choosing our partners.

  • Packet - Home delivery - €5.90
  • Packeta - Dispensing point - €3.90
  • Slovak Post - Home delivery - €4.90 EUR
  • Slovenská pošta - Mail package - €3.60 EUR
  • CZ Packeta - Delivery point - €4.50
  • CZ Packeta - Home delivery - €7.50
  • Slovenská pošta - Parcel to CZ address - €10.00
  • Austria, Hungary - Packeta - Home Delivery - €7.50
  • Hungary - HU Packeta Z-Point PP - €5.90
  • Germany - Packeta - Home Delivery - €9.00

💳 Method of Payment

Currently we accept the following payment methods:

  • Payment by COD - €1.50 (additional fee)
  • Payment by CARD Online free of charge
  • Payment by bank transfer without fee

🛒 If you place your order before 12:00, we will ship it today!

When you send your order to us before 12 o'clock, you can be sure that the goods (as long as it is in stock - always indicated with the product) we will ship on the same day. Sometimes we can do it quickly even with orders by 2:00 p.m., but we can no longer guarantee it 100%. However, it is always true that if there is a problem with the order, we will contact you immediately and solve the matter in a flash.

📦 Packaged goods are advertising and an image of our work!

Shipping and packaging are included in the postage price, which is why we pack all shipments honestly so that the goods cannot be damaged in any way on the way. We also pay attention to the quality and aesthetics of the packaged goods so that you are fully satisfied.