Top Paldean Fates chase cards!

What chase cards will the new edition of Paldean Fates bring us?
The Paldean Fates edition isn't out in English yet, but we have a pretty good idea of ​​what the best chase cards will be, thanks to the edition it's based on - Shiny Treasure ex - already available in Japan. In addition to the cards revealed in this set, the English versions of the Paldean Fates cards are slowly being officially revealed.
In this list you can find the best chase cards so far that we know will be in the new edition of Paldean Fates.
You can pre-order all available Paldea Fates products on our e-shop. The official date of the start of sales is 26.1.2023.

Shiny Charizard ex – Special Illustration Rare



Shiny Mew ex – Special Illustration Rare



Shiny Gardevoir ex – Special Illustration Rare



Iono - Special Illustration Rare


Palafin - Illustration Rare



Mimikyu - Illustration Rare



Miraidon ex -  Hyper Rare



Koraidon ex -  Hyper Rare



Pawmi - Illustration Rare


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