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Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight

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Skladom 2ks

Game time: 60 minutes | Age: 15+| Number of players: 3-5 | Language: Czech 

During the game DEAD BY DAYLIGHT™: Board Game one player becomes a raw killer, while up to four survivors join forces and try to escape the killer. The killer prowls dark corners armed with brutal weapons and supernatural abilities. His goal is to hunt human prey and sacrifice them on the altar of a mysterious Entity. The survivors must repair the generators with which they will operate the escape exit  and they escape to safety. But the killer will be on their heels all the time. Without cooperation, the survivors have no chance to foil the killer's plan and save their souls.

Detailed product description

The entity craves victims and the hunt begins again! Will the survivors manage to escape together, or will the killer hunt them down one by one and sacrifice them on the altar of the Entity?

There is only one way to find out...

In the board game Dead by Daylight (based on the video game of the same name), one player becomes a killer, spreading terror among other players as survivors. Only by working together, using their traits and movement cards, can the survivors repair the generators, open the escape hatch, and escape to freedom.

Each survivor moves using one movement card. However, the killer will use several movement cards at once and his goal is to catch up with the survivors, injure them and hang them on butcher hooks. Why?

Because the Entity demands it, and because it is the only way the killer completes the ritual of sacrifice. Whether you're killing or running, you have to anticipate where the other players will move, use the items you find on the board wisely, activate your characters' special abilities, and use every little advantage the game gives you at the right moment. That's the only way you can pass this tough test!

In each turn, players secretly choose paths on the board to follow. With each turn, the player uncovers new objects that he can interact with to achieve his goals or complicate the opponent's situation.

Will the survivors be able to repair the generators and escape the killer in time, or will the killer sow so much terror into their hearts that escape will be impossible and the survivors will be permanently trapped in this living nightmare?

  • Choose from 7 indomitable survivors and 6 brutal killers. Each character has unique abilities and playstyle.
  • Prepare the game simply and quickly, or dive into the editing and create a gaming experience tailored just for you.
  • Explore cursed places full of different items and equipment that you can use.
  • Thirteen terrifyingly realistic figures bring the story of the game to life right on your table.

The game is intended for 3-5 players aged 15 and over. The rules and game material are in Czech.

The game contains:

7 survivor figures (Dwight, Meg, Claude, Jake, Nea, Ace, Feng)
6 killer figures (Trapper, Ghost, Redneck, Nurse, Kneeling, Doctor)
1 Double Sided Game Plan (MacMillan's Mines / Autohaven Junkyard) 4 Red
boards of survivors
6 boards of killers
16 tool carts
28 traits of survivors
24 traits of killers
21 carts of movement
44 items
40 blood tokens
25 tokens repaired
12 tokens of sacrifice
18 more tokens 4
cocky test 1

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