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Magic The Gathering Bloomburrow - Collector Booster Box

Magic The Gathering Bloomburrow - Collector Booster Box

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Attention, this is a pre-sale, the official sale date is August 2, 2024. You can pre-order at a discounted price by paying in advance. If you choose cash on delivery, the pre-order will be canceled automatically.

Product description:

Bloomburrow is a new edition for Magic: The Gathering,

The story of the set takes place on the plane of Bloomburrow, a world of cute anthropomorphic animals in which there are no people.

The valley is threatened by the elements out of control, and the rescue falls on the shoulders of its smallest protectors. Players will go into battle alongside mice, frogs, bats, birds and other animals to restore balance and prove that even the smallest can show great courage.

The cards are in English


  • 12x Magic: The Gathering Bloomburrow - Collector Booster


  • 15 Magic cards v booster
  • 12-13 Traditional Foil card
  • 5 cart rarity Rare or higher
  • 4 Uncommon cards
  • 5 Common mistakes
  • 1 Land map
  • Collector Booster-exclusive special treatment v 3% boosterov
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