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Magic the Gathering Modern Horizons 3 Collector Booster Box

Magic the Gathering Modern Horizons 3 Collector Booster Box

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Attention, this is a pre-sale, the official sale date is 6/14/2024. You can pre-order at a discounted price only by paying in advance. If you choose cash on delivery, the pre-order will be canceled automatically.

Product description:

A pack to please any player Magic the Gathering: Modern Horizons 3 Collector Booster Box contains 12 Modern Horizons 3 packs, each containing 15 cards.

Modern Horizons 3 brings a lot of exciting new cards to Modern. In addition to new cards full of power, such as the two-faced Planeswalker, allied fetch lands are also returning, which you are sure to love.

Each Collector Booster contains 7 alt-frame cards, including the ability to find Retro-Frame, Borderless Profile, Borderless Frame Break, Borderless Concept Eldrazi and Borderless Fetch Land cards.

Each pack contains 10-12 traditional foil cards and may contain Collector-exclusive cards such as Foil-Etched and Textured Foil cards or even Foil Serialized cards.

Collector Boosters give you direct access to the most wanted Modern Horizons 3 cards, including 5 Rare or higher cards in each pack.

Suitable for: beginners, advanced and experienced players.

The cards are in English.

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