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Pokémon TCG Scarlet & Violet Stellar Crown - Booster Pack

Pokémon TCG Scarlet & Violet Stellar Crown - Booster Pack

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Attention, this is a pre-sale, the official sale date is 9/13/2024. You can pre-order at a discounted price by paying in advance. If you choose cash on delivery, the pre-order will be canceled automatically.

Product description:

Descend below the surface where you will discover the true potential of Tera Pokémon. The new Legendary Pokémon Terapagos took the throne together with Cinderace EX, Lapras Ex and Galvantula Ex. Enhanced with new tera abilities and with the new ACE-Spec cards you can change the course of every fight. Celebrate the grand welcome of brand new Pokémon with the new Pokémon card series Stellar Crown.

Packed product contains:

  • Booster Pack Stellar Crown of random 10 cards
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