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Disney Lorcan TCG: Into the Inklands - Booster Pack

Disney Lorcan TCG: Into the Inklands - Booster Pack

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Product description:

The highly anticipated third edition of the Disney trading card game Lorcan: Into the Inklands. Enrich your collection or game pack with other valuable cards from the Into the Inklands edition. Each pack contains 12 randomly shuffled cards of the Ravensburger collectible card game. Immerse yourself in the Disney world!

This is the third expected edition of Lorcana. Thanks to its motifs from animated films and game mechanics, Lorcana is suitable for children from 8 years old. 

Become an Illumineer and control 6 magical inks and collect all the characters' flashes! 

One Disney Lorcan: Into the Inklands package includes:

  • 6 common cards 
  • 3 uncommon cards 
  • 2 rare, super rare, or legendary card
  • 1 foil card
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