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Pokémon Shrouded Fable Elite Trainer Box

Pokémon Shrouded Fable Elite Trainer Box

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Attention, this is a pre-sale, the official sale date is August 2, 2024. You can pre-order at a discounted price by paying in advance. If you choose cash on delivery, the pre-order will be canceled automatically.

Product description: 

The Pokémon Shrouded Fable Elite Trainer Box is a premium pack of 9 Shrouded Fable edition boosters and many other goodies. This is an edition in which the ex Pokémon Pecharunt ex, Okidogi ex, Munkidori ex and Fezandipiti ex will be released. Elite Trainer Box is a package intended for more demanding collectors or players. In addition to cards, it also brings game accessories such as card covers, dice and markers. If you want to have a brochure with a complete overview of the cards of the entire edition in printed form, this box is the right one for you. 

In the Elite Trainer Box  In Shrouded Fable, you will find, in addition to 9 packs of Pokémon cards, a full-art Pecharunt card, 65 stylish card covers, a guide to the entire set including an overview of the cards in the edition, 6 dice, a coin, 2 markers. All of this is packed in a sturdy box that you can use to store cards or other small items.

Elite Trainer Box ETB Shrouded Fable Pecharunt obsahuje:

  • 9x Booster Shrouded Fable. Booster is a pack that contains 10 randomly shuffled cards.
  • 1x Pecharunt Pokemon Promo Card, which you can't get anywhere else. 
  • 65x Card covers with the Pecharunt motif. Covers with an opaque, illustrated back are suitable for both playing and storing cards.
  • 45x Energy cards
  • 6x dice for marking damage. On the dice you will find damage values ​​in tens and hundreds. If you are only looking for dice for the game, Merry Dragon has a large selection of these stand-alone accessories as well. 
  • 1x Throwing dice 
  • 2x Acrylic burn and poison marker 
  • 1x Edition game guide, in which, in addition to the instructions, you will also find a complete overview of the cards from this edition of Shrouded Fable 
  • Everything is stored in a beautiful sturdy box, which is ideal for safe keeping of your cards or other small things. Pokemon TCG Live game code
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