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Pokémon TCG Shining Fates - Elite Trainer Box

Pokémon TCG Shining Fates - Elite Trainer Box

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Product description:

Pokémon Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box is a special gift package for all players who want to advance their gameplay to the next level and start participating in tournament play regularly. Inside the box, you will find a special promo card featuring Pokémon Eevee VMAX, which has not been released anywhere else yet! The contents of the box also include 10 additional Booster packs from the special edition Shining Fates, 65 card sleeves with a design featuring the huge Eevee VMAX, 45 energy cards, a guide to the Shining Fates edition, 6 damage-counter dice, a coin-flip die, 2 acrylic burn and poison markers, 4 dividers, English rules, and a code for online play.

The cute bushy Eevee VMAX is added to the Pokemon Card Game in a special Elite Trainer Box! This pack will be appreciated by all avid players, as it contains all the necessary accessories to play the Pokemon card game at the tournament level. The main attraction of the entire product is the unique VMAX Eevee card, which has not yet been released anywhere else and will be appreciated by every true collector and player. Don't forget a whole load of additional Boosters, in which you can discover special shiny Pokémon V and VMAX from the Shining Fates edition.

Pokémon Elite Trainer Box is a large gift box of the Pokémon card game that comes out every time with a new edition. In this product, players will find important accessories for playing Pokemon TCG tournaments, such as dice, tokens or unique game covers with the motif of the selected Pokemon on the front of the package. The product also includes many additional Boosters to help players build their tournament deck.

Elite Trainer Box contains:

    • 10 Shining Fates expansion boosters
    • 1x Pokemon Eevee VMAX Promo Card
    • 65 card covers with Eevee VMAX illustration
    • 45 cart energy
    • Shining Fates English guide
    • English manual
    • 6 cubes
    • 1 flipcoin
    • 2 tokens condition
    • box to store all components
    • access code for Pokemon TCG online game
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