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Pokémon Twilight Masquerade Booster Pack

Pokémon Twilight Masquerade Booster Pack

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Product description:

Pokemon Temporal Forces Booster - a pack of 10 randomly shuffled cards of the 5th edition of the Scarlet and Violet era, which opens up new opportunities for Ancient and Future Pokemon. The edition contains 167 Pokemon cards that were previously Secret Rare. Once again, there are EX Pokémon as well as special type-shifted Pokémon. Players will appreciate the return of ACE SPEC cards and their powerful effects.

If you're looking for a larger and more affordable pack of cards, check out the Twilight Masquerade Booster Box. Booster Box they are sealed in a special foil and collectors also buy them for storage and possible increase in value in the future. The booster box has less variability than the 36 individual packs. You will unwrap the cards in it randomly, but it will not happen to you that you would not unwrap any rare card.

The Booster Pack is a pack of 10 randomly shuffled Temporal Forces Edition cards. The pack packaging has 4 different themes and the Pokemon on the cover does not affect the randomly shuffled cards inside. You will also find one energy card and a code for the Pokémon TCG Live online game. 

Pokemon Twilight Masquerade Edition will be released in May 2024 and will contain over 160 cards and 6 ACE SPEC cards. We will once again see EX Pokémon as well as type-shifted Tera Pokémon. You can also look forward to 21 Illustration Rare cards, 6 gold Hyper Rare cards and 11 Special Illustration Rare cards. In addition, expect 6 Ace Spec cards, 7 Tera Pokemon cards and 7 EX Pokemon.

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