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Radlands: Gang Wastelands

Radlands: Gang Wastelands

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Skladom 2ks

Game time: 31-40 minutes | Age: 14+| Number of players: 2| Language: Czech  

Radlands: Gangs of the Wasteland is a brutal card game for two players about finding and using brutal synergies between cards to knock your opponent out of the game.
With the help of people and events, defend your tribe's camps against the brutal attacks of ruthless enemies. Transport yourself to an unforgiving post-apocalyptic world and wage a fierce battle for the last drops of water!

Detailed product description

Radlands: Gangy Wastelands is a dueling card game for two players about finding and using powerful card combinations.

As the leader of a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world, you defend your 3 camps to the last breath against the raids of an enemy tribe. Once all your camps are destroyed, you lose the game. But if you compare the opponent's camps with the land first, victory is yours!

The main resource in the game is water. You use it to recruit people, trigger events and also to activate the abilities of cards you already have in the game. Humans protect your camps and provide useful tactical abilities, while events deliver powerful effects over time.

Both players draw cards from the common deck. Each card can be played on the table, or recycled for a weaker immediate effect. To win, you need to manage both your cards and your water wisely.

This release contains updated rules in version 1.2. There are several changes, clarifications and additions. You can download the current rules below.

The game is intended for 2 players aged 14 and over. The rules and material are in Czech. 

The game contains:
- 46 people cards
- 20 event carts
- 34 camping carts
- 2 cards of water power
- 2 cards of marauders
- 2 overview cards
- 6 water tokens (strong cardboard)
- 6 bonus water tokens (strong cardboard)
- Czech rules (version 1.2)

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