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Bets, please!

Bets, please!

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Skladom 1ks

Game time: 46-60 minutes | Age: 10+| Number of players: 2-9 | Language: Czech  

In the game Bets, please! you go to the races with your friends to enjoy the tension, winnings, disappointment and excitement of betting on favorite horses whose speed depends on each roll of the dice.

Detailed product description

The race begins! Bets please! Do you bet on the horse early, when the odds are most advantageous, or will you not try your luck and wait to see how the race develops? In this fast-paced real-time game, all the decisions are yours!

Racing won't wait for anyone, so you have to bet in real time as the horses move around the track using dice rolls (or the mobile app). Will you take a risk and bet on your favorite early on, or will you wait to see how the race develops? After the race, players win or lose money depending on whether their bets were successful. To spice up the race, players can also get VIP bonuses and bet on extraordinary race finishes. 

The player with the most money at the end of the fourth race is the winner!

Game Bets, please! is the winner of the Golden Geek Award and Dice Tower Awards in the Party Game of 2022 category.

The game is intended for 2-9 players from 10 years of age.

Rules and game material are in Czech.

The game contains:

1 betting board
1 board of track
2 cubes
9 horse figures
40 betting tokens
12 extra betting tokens
6 arrows Winner, 1-2, 1-3
28 Side Bet Cards 32 VIP Cards
5 Extraordinary Finish Cards 55 Chips 2 8 Chips $100 6 Chips Commentator Bet & Game Rules


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